VGX VS Tamadoge VS IMPT Price Predictions & Investment Alternatives Guide 2022 To 2030

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Although an unexpected winter awaits us economically, those who have at least some experience in crypto investing know that choosing the right cryptocurrency can really save them from economic consequences. This is why these days, in the crypto circle, a lot of attention is paid to the Voyager Crypto price forecast and others that promise 10x huge profits! Therefore, let’s look together at the potential of Voyager, but also other cryptos, such as Tamadoge and IMPT, which are now proving to be a good investment option, able to give you great profits in the future.

Is it wise to invest in Voyager at this moment?

Voyager Token was created with the idea of ​​offering an instant solution for trading crypto assets to investors, in a safe way. Voyager’s main currency is the VGX token that rewards users of this ecosystem. However, that is not all. Particular benefits are at the service of users who choose to use the Voyager application, considering that as users of that application, investors have the possibility of cashback, as well as other exclusive services. What makes Voyager popular is that it offers its users 100 percent commission-free transactions, and this applies to both buying and selling. Therefore, those who trade have only the obligation to pay the specified price when executing an order on the platform, without additional costs.

Interestingly, Voyager uses Smart Order Routing technology. This means that this technology enables the connection of Voyager with more than ten crypto exchanges for investors, which enables investors to find the best course for conducting transactions.

If you have already invested in Voyager, you will be interested that the highest predicted value for this crypto until the end of 2022 is $1.3037 and the lowest predicted value for the same period is $0.6980. So is this the best crypto investment right now? Well, we have to admit, there are still some better choices on the market. Two of them are without a doubt, Tamadoge and IMPT.



Is it wise to invest in Tamadoge at this moment?

For some time now, practically from the first moment when it appeared, Tamadoge has achieved extremely great success and constantly manages to attract the attention of an increasing number of investors. This crypto platform with its native, TAMA coin, achieved one of the most successful crypto presales of all time, managing to collect more than $19,000,000 in a record short time. Many feared that the success of Tamadoge would begin to decrease right after the presale was completed, however, those who are well versed in the happenings on the crypto market, knew that Tamadoge had just started with its successes.

After that extremely successful presale phase, what is important to point out is that the TAMA coin found itself on the world’s most popular crypto exchanges. You know that every new listing on one of the exchanges raises interest in a certain coin, and in this case, that interest was raised many times, considering that TAMA is now available not on one, but several exchanges.

You can get TAMA coins on OKX, OKX DEX, Coinsbit, BKEX, MEXC, or LBank. All in all, there are a large number of crypto exchanges where you can find TAMA coins, and judging by the success of this crypto so far, TAMA will surely be listed on some other of the world’s most popular crypto exchanges in the future.

If you just take a look at the previous growth in the value of the TAMA coin, it will be clear to you that this growth has been extremely high until now. And with these new listings, it is estimated that this growth will be even greater because crypto analysts predict between 10 and 100x growth in the next few months.

Speaking of Tamadoge, it would be unfair not to mention Tamadoge NFTs. The entire collection, which will consist of 21,100 unique NFTs, will be released soon, but the first collection of Ultra-rare is already available on OpenSea.


Is it wise to invest in IMPT at this moment?

Another option that stands as an opponent and alternative to Voyager, given that it enables a significantly higher profit, is certainly currently the biggest and most popular crypto presale – IMPT token.

Although it is relatively new on the crypto market, IMPT, eco-friendly crypto, has already achieved much greater success than some cryptos that have been around for a long time. At the moment, we can say that the IMPT token is the most energy-efficient crypto in the market.

The whole idea of the IMPT token is to leave an impact on the release of carbon into the environment, by helping individuals and companies cut their carbon footprint effectively. So,  if you are environmentally conscious and at the same time want to invest in crypto, IMPT should definitely be your No.1 choice. Not only that you will influence the protection of the environment, but you will also be rewarded for it.

At this moment, the first stage of the presale phase is going on,  and now you can buy IMPT at the price of $0.018. Considering how quickly IMPT is being sold, we advise you to hurry if you want to grab it at this favorable price!


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As you can see, there are crypto options that are significantly more profitable than Voyager, and those are  Tamadoge and IMPT. These two cryptos, one could say, have only just begun to build their success, and according to what they have achieved so far, it is certain that they will reach the very top of cryptocurrencies any time now. Therefore, if you want to provide yourself with security and profit, TAMA or IMPT, or even better both, should definitely be your choice.

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