Is Evergrow A Buy In Bearish Crypto Market? BNB VS Luna Price & Top 2022 Coin Updates

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Statistics suggest that the top cryptos to invest in for 2022 are BNB, EverGrow Coin, and Terra (Luna). Currently, crypto markets are in a bearish phase. Investing in cryptocurrencies right now offers unique opportunities for crypto investors as long as they choose wisely what crypto to buy.

Knowing what crypto to buy is tough due to the volatility of the market. The question is not just about which crypto you like, but also which has the best roadmap, where the volume is, and where the market is headed.

Is Evergrow Coin A Good Investment?

EverGrow Coin gathered attention this week as it pumped 40% in price. The recent attraction of EverGrow Coin to investors can be explained with three reasons.

Firstly, the EverGrow Coin BUSD reflections have remained strong and stable during the crypto crash. While TerraUSD fell out of the crypto top 20, BUSD jumped up to 7th place and emerged as the most secure stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. To date, EverGrow Coin has paid over $37 million in BUSD to investors with an 8% reflection tax on all buy/sell orders.

Secondly, EverGrow Coin also has one of the most robust coin-burning mechanisms – buyback & burn. With a further 2% transaction tax, all investors contribute equally to regular coin burns that to date have destroyed more than 52% of the initial EGC token supply. The 2% tax makes coin burning sustainable and scalable.

Lastly, EverGrow Coin is set to drop a number of new applications in 2022: an NFT marketplace, a content subscription platform, a metaverse integration, a crypto wallet, and play-to-earn gaming. Each of these applications will further drive interest to EverGrow Coin and help to boost coin burns and BUSD rewards for investors.

Will BNB have a good year?

BNB has emerged from the crypto crash smelling of roses.

BNB has grown over 10% in price in the past week – meanwhile Bitcoin, XRP, Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, AVAX and Polkadot have all seen losses. 

BNB is also up 3% in the past day as it continues to grow in value. Behind BNB’s growth is of course the Binance ecosystem, which houses the largest crypto trading platform in the world by daily volume.

Binance enjoys the use of an extremely low-price blockchain network as well as rapid processing times. The BUSD stablecoin is also the only one in the crypto top 20 that’s backed by US banks and publishes regular monthly audits of its US Dollar reserves into the public domain.

Unsurprisingly, BUSD wavered very little from its $1 peg during the crypto crash – meanwhile, Tether fell to $0.97. 

Binance is proving to be one of the most secure crypto networks in the industry, and with BNB at the heart of it it’s likely to be a good buy in 2022. The current BNB price is $332 and is up from a low of $227 during the crypto crash.

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Is Terra Luna a safe investment in 2022?

Terra Luna caught the crypto market by surprise when it pumped 915% over the past few weeks.

Luna hit an all-time low of ​​$0.00001675 on May 13. The Luna price is currently $0.00017. Investors who sold at the recent high of $0.0002143 could have made significant profits.

Nevertheless, Luna is still incredibly volatile. Over $42 billion was wiped off Luna and UST’s market caps during the crypto crash. The Luna market cap is currently just over $1 billion but anything could still happen. Buying Luna is not recommended for retail investors.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that May 27 could see the airdrop of new Luna tokens to crypto investors who lost out on Luna and UST. The run-up to May 27 could see price pumps as traders try to get a piece of the new airdrop when a final snapshot of LUNA holders is taken on May 27.

As with any investment, it’s imperative you do your own research and make a decision that best suits your financial situation.

Where to buy Evergrow, Luna & BNB in Europe?

Binance remains the best place to trade crypto inside and outside of Europe and you can see our breakdown of the reasons why here:

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