Voyager Digital Defi Lending Involvement & Algorithmic Stablecoin Staking Plus Derivative Assets Update

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Taking into account changing market conditions, Voyager digital today released a press release on its asset management and risk management. Throughout its history as a public company, Voyager has maintained a high level of transparency, providing regular quarterly financial statements detailing the company’s financial position and financial statement disclosures surrounding risk management practices and counterparty exposure.


Voyager differentiates itself through a straightforward, low-risk approach to lending and asset management by working with a select group of reputable counterparties, which are all vetted through extensive due diligence by its Risk Committee. The company does not participate in DeFi lending activities, algorithmic stablecoin staking and lending, or derivative assets, such as stETH. One of Voyager’s important objectives is to make crypto as simple and safe as possible for consumer use. With that mission in mind, safeguarding customer assets is a top priority.

Although Voyager announced a prior partnership with Celsius in 2019, due to the company’s ongoing due diligence and risk management process, Voyager currently has no customer assets at Celsius.

“Voyager holds a strong position in the crypto industry. Not only were we among the first to go public and provide full balance sheet transparency, our leadership also has deep financial expertise across the sector and has led companies through multiple market cycles,” said Steve Ehrlich, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Voyager. “The company is well capitalized and in a good position to weather this market cycle and protect customer assets. It is Voyager’s goal to continue to build secure products and services, as well as build trust and leadership in the cryptocurrency industry.”

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