Voyager Digital Fine News 2022 | Minnesota Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

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Recently Voyager Digital has seen stocks fall and the looming fear of a potential fine from the Miami government. Now more bad news as a Minnesota federal court is hearing the case from the National Association of Banks in the USA regarding trademark infringement for the use of the name Voyager.

Wednesday May 18ths complaint said Voyager Debit Card Services infringes on US Bank’s trademarks for its Voyager Fleet Card, which companies use to pay for fleet vehicle expenses such as fuel purchases and travel costs. maintenance.

US Bank first introduced its Voyager Fleet credit cards in 1995 and has developed a mobile app and cash-back program linked to its cards, according to the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. …

Updates on the case will come as more information filters through. In the meantime read about Voyager’s recent profits and losses here: //

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