Virtual Blockchain Basics Course | Certified Enterprise Professional (CEBP) In SCM & Trade Finance Review 2022

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Finding the right course to understand Blockchain is difficult

Whether looking to start a career in Blockchain development, start implementing blockchain into your business, or even just someone with an interest in crypto, it’s important to get a grasp on the fundamentals of how it all works. Learning the basics of blockchain is a good place to start though there are many options to choose from in terms of the level of quality and also ease of understanding.

On top of finding the course teaching the right skills, you need to make sure you will get the qualifications/certifications that will benefit you most when enhancing the technology in your business or in your future career. 

It’s also a challenge to get an honest answer on exactly how much you can earn by applying your new skills, especially when, in most cases, finding a well-paid job in something you are interested in is likely why you are looking in the first place.

Then, even when you find all of the above, you then need to make sure the price fits. So how do you find the right course? Continue reading to find out…

The Solution

Deciding which benefits apply to you.

The good news is… there’s no need to suffer anymore as we have put the work in to answer these questions for you.

We have highlighted a course which offers the best benefits of all those that we looked at including:


Sites like have set up fully comprehensive courses that will give you all the skills you need to start your career as a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional. Every course comes with fully recognized certifications that are well regarded in the industry and have led to many individuals starting their dream career above entry-level (We have collated some real-life testimonials which we find particularly helpful when making a decision which is shared below). So if you are looking to upgrade your salary then getting certified is the best place to start.

Is Blockchain Certification worth it?

The certification is how you will stand out among the huge crowd in what is a highly competitive industry and the certification is worth it for that alone. You have the opportunity to learn all the fundamentals required for the job and prove it without having to sit through an overlong interview full of technical questions which are never enjoyable for the interviewer or interviewee. That being said, like with any technical industry, real-life hands-on experience is where you will learn the most, and employers understand this so it’s important to find a course that focuses on preparing you for the real world.

Learn When it Suits You

If you are currently in full-time work and/or, like us, want to make sure you still have time for family and friends, the great thing about these online courses, in particular, is that they can be taken at any time from anywhere and even allow you to pick and choose the particular topics you are interested in learning more about as well as signing up to a complete package which covers all the fundamentals needed to become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional as well as an Architect or Security expert.

Personal Support

The unique thing we found about this course, in particular, is the personal touch given by the instructors with their premium support giving weekly updates and tasks in s spreadsheet and being available to answer questions at any time and their skillset is beneficial whether you have prior experience going into the course or not.

Real-World Experience

To become a valuable blockchain expert and increase your business opportunities in the dynamic world of enterprise blockchain, you need more than just a title. You need a set of up-to-date practical tools and applicable knowledge.

The blockchain ecosystem today is full of experts that possess high technical proficiency and the ability to seamlessly hop between the numerous blockchain protocols. However, they are lacking in business skills, knowledge, and jargon of the enterprise world. 

The course we found will equip you with not only the necessary technical knowledge but also prepare you for real-world enterprise demands. This perfect combination will make you the perfect candidate for corporate blockchain implementation.

You also have the opportunity to hear from top enterprise blockchain experts with in-depth interviews and exclusive advice that allows you to get an immediate advantage over students of other courses that are purely exam-focused with no interest in real-world applications. This also happens weekly so you can be in the loop with current changes in the blockchain space from the people that know it best.

CEBP Expert salary

How much do Certified Blockchain Professionals earn?

If you are reading this you are most likely looking to build your understanding of blockchain for your own business to help you move into the future or looking to start a career as a blockchain developer or similar. The main thing to note is that, in any case, the amount you can earn as a fully certified enterprise blockchain professional is substantially higher.

So what is the average salary you can expect once you have completed your course?

Blockchain engineers are the highest-paid software engineers, making on average between $150,000 and $175,000 annually, according to a report by Hired. Once you become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional, you can earn up to $270,000 per year.

Real Reviews From Real People

Read what previous students have to say about the course and the value it added for them.

The Course Plan

The Prerequisites for a Blockchain Developer and Fundamentals for Blockchain Experts

As mentioned before, allows you to choose from a wide range of courses that vary in price and skillsets however, as promised, to make it easier for you to find the course that will benefit you most we have selected to provide details on the full Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course as it gives all the information you will need to start your new career as well as giving the best price for the whole collection. In this course you will learn:

Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

This first module explains how blockchain technology works and helps you identify the key features of blockchain technology. You will learn the concepts, characteristics, and different types of blockchain networks. This will allow you to further understand how smart contracts work and become proficient with the elements required to evaluate their impact on traditional business.  

  • Chapter 1: Blockchain Basics
  • Chapter 2: Proof of Work
  • Chapter 3: How the Chain of Blocks is Created
  • Chapter 4: Public and Private Blockchains
  • Chapter 5: Smart Contracts

Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

By completing this module, you will be able to appreciate why blockchain is more than bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This module will also give you the ability to determine how your business can be transformed with blockchain. Another very important tool that this module offers is the methodological approach to finding the right balance between technical perfection and business “good enough” solutions.

  • Chapter 1: Ethereum Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2: Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals 
  • Chapter 3: Corda Fundamentals

Blockchain in Trade Finance

The module opens with a brief overview of crypto assets that play an extremely important role in blockchain-based trade finance operations. The explanation of how crypto assets correlate with cryptocurrencies prepares you how to demystify the “fake news” around cryptocurrencies. The module will further help you recognize how selected blockchain-based platforms use crypto assets to support blockchain’s disrupting effects on trade finance, a traditionally manual-intensive business. 

The module will also recognize which enterprises take advantage of blockchain to manage your trade finance operations, identify existing use cases and determine which ones make the case for your business needs.

  • Chapter 1: Crypto Assets and Cryptocurrencies
  • Chapter 2: Ripple Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Trade Finance on Blockchain

Blockchain Applications

101 blockchains market research shows that supply chain management (SCM) operations are the most positively impacted by blockchain applications. The module helps you appreciate how blockchain dramatically impacts SCM processes and gives you the tools to recognize the power of blockchain through practical SCM use cases.

  • Chapter 1: Supply Chain Management on Blockchain – Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2: Supply Chain Management on Blockchain – Use Cases
  • Chapter 3: Blockchain Digital Transformation

Blockchain Use Cases

The last module carries you through multiple examples of current applications of blockchain technology in the context of enterprise business scenarios. This gives you a toolbox that you can leverage when you will approach real-life project scenarios.

To summarise, this course covers all the fundamentals you need to get the best understanding of blockchain in your business allowing you to move into the future and take your skills to the next level.

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