London Sugar Future Price Today | How To Trade Commodities Online 2022 UK Blackbull Review

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Although we usually focus on Voyager token specifically, those trading cryptocurrencies with growing trends like VGX often have an interest in trading in general but don’t know where to start. Commodity trading is a super interesting and effective way to trade and sugar futures specifically can be very profitable… but where do you get started?

How to Start Trading Commodities

Sugar futures trading can be difficult if you want to avoid commission fees as well as get regular price updates and up-to-date news on the market. BlackBull Markets have created a trading app that lets their users sign up and start trading commodities like sugar futures. 

With a starting fee of just $200, their commission-free Standard Account allows you to attain a complete trading experience.

The Standard Account is perfect for traders that are looking for a great value Forex experience. With no commissions and low spreads, it’s easy to get started. Trade with your Standard Account on any of the platforms that they offer, including, P.C., Mac, mobile, and Webtrader.

London Sugar Future Price Today

At the time of writing the price today is $492.60:

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The price of London sugar futures has shown a steady increase over the past year.

Is Sugar a Safe Investment?

The forecast for 2022 according to the Global Macro Models of Trading Economics predicts sugar will trade at 21.22 cents (16p) per pound by the end of this quarter. The price estimate for it in 12 months will be 24.50 (18p).  

The increase here is notable and suggests that 2022 will be a safe year to make the investment, whether already well versed in commodity trading or just starting out.

What other commodities can you trade?

As well as sugar, blackbull offers a range of different commodities to trade which can be taken advantage of.

BlackBull Markets’ Commodities

Gold FuturesXAUUSD.f
Silver SpotXAGUSD
Silver FuturesXAGUSD.f
Crude Oil Brent CashBrent
Crude Oil Brent FuturesUKOIL.f
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil CashWTI
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil FuturesUSOIL.f
Natural GasNGAS
US CocoaCC.f
London CocoaLCC.f
Soybean FuturesSOYBEAN.f
Wheat FuturesWHEAT.f
US Sugar FuturesSB.f
London Sugar FuturesLSU.f
Corn FuturesCORN.f
US Cotton FuturesCT.f
US Coffee FuturesKC.f
London Coffee FuturesLRC.f

What is Blackbull Markets?

BlackBull Markets is an award-winning New Zealand Broker founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming the leading online Financial Technology, Commodity and Foreign Exchange Broker. Because of their passion and expertise, they are arguably the best place to trade They Specialise in commodity trading like sugar, gold silver, and soybeans. All commodities that are becoming more and more popular to own and trade.

You can get started with trading London Sugar Futures with no common fees today by signing up here.