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Voyager Digital CEO Steve Ehrlich has announced he will be presenting a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. The AMA will give investors and curious enthusiasts the chance to learn more about Voyager Digitals’ plans for 2022 and how this might affect the VGX token.

Learn more about Voyagers stock forecast for 2022 here:

On the Reddit post, Steve wrote “Our mission is to replace traditional banking and financial services with digital assets and make crypto for all a reality. This Friday, I want to hear any questions you have about Voyager, and I’ll do my best to answer them. See you there!”

r/Invest_Voyager - Upcoming AMA: Hi Reddit, I’m Steve Ehrlich, Voyager's Co-Founder and CEO. Submit your questions and I'll answer them this Friday, March 11th, at Noon PT / 3PM EST. Ask me anything!

The AMA will be held this Friday, March 11th, at Noon PT / 3PM EST and can be attended by anyone at Voyagers Reddit Page //

Voyager Digital Review Reddit

Many members on Reddit have commented on their experiences with Voyager Digital with one user u/Neither_Cricket_5199 adding their take:

“Just an average investor telling my honest experience with voyager since early February.

  1. I was waitlisted for 2 weeks when i joined. Understandable. Huge surge in accounts.
  2. It’s not meant for very active investors. There’s limit order buys and sells. No stops and on a spread. They’re about DCA. Set your limit orders and be patient.
  3. They offer more than enough options on alts, even with a few gems in there. I’m sure you know what they are.
  4. Find someone that can beat the interest options they offer. 9% on USDC? It’ll take some time to normalize to the general public, but as trust grows for the platform, people will understand that this alone is better than any offers by banks.
  5. Maybe I’ve just had the best user experience possible, but I see an incredible amount of FUD on Twitter. Half of them are very common problems with any platform. Every deposit I’ve had was immediate. Cleared several days after. Every withdrawal went through. Have withdrawn to my bank 5+ times. Longest wait – 10 days. Shortest and most recent wait was 3-4 days.
  6. DYOR on their team and roadmap. Read the investor presentations. Read what is to come within the year. Imagine 5 years. I won’t tell you. DYOR yourself. If you look on YouTube, as many of you do, do you think the amount of coverage is proportional to what is to come? I don’t. The shilling Youtubers use the platform but don’t talk about it much. Imagine when popularity catches. You’re still early.
  7. Never had trouble with crypto withdrawals. Use LTC out usually. Have heard of ADA problems. I did it once, and it did take longer than usual, but we’re splitting hairs here.
  8. 2FA is essential. They can only do enough on their end.
  9. Best companies are led by a great leader. Watch any interview with Steve Ehrlich and decide for yourself. He’s corporate and crypto connected, a great person to ease CEOs into crypto.
  10. Price updates are incredibly fast. Great for second by second action during a hectic market pump or dump. Can be overwhelming at times, so I wouldn’t recommend being on it constantly. Also, with the aggregation of exchanges, it leaves potential to snipe some trades at a very low price every blue moon. For example, one of the exchanges within the aggregate was hacked around Feb and I was able to get great ADA entry.
  11. We’ve had quite the retrace since the boom. Stops somewhere, right? Maybe one announcement…

Overall, solid and reliable platform from my experience. Invest in it or don’t. Doesn’t bother me. Just telling my thoughts, and telling everyone to do diligent research in your investments. I’m definitely not the first to say it, but I envision it to be the Robinhood of crypto. Ease of use with a very user friendly interface. It’s a toxic space out there sometimes. Make your own decisions, and it may pay off days, months, years down the road.”

The honest review sums up the popular opinion of the platform which has continued to grow of the past year. The AMA will give those interested the chance to learn more.

The Voyager Token (VGX)

Many members of voyager have chosen to invest in the platform’s token which offers rewards to investors. The AMA should shed some light on how the coin will perform throughout 2022 as the performance of Voyager and the token are usually intertwined.

As the voyager platform is only available in the US currently those wanting to invest in the token, which has seen some huge earnings for investors, can see our review of Binance where the token is available everywhere

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