Is VGX a Safe Investment in 2022 as Price Decreases? Future Value Predictions 2023 to 2025

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The price forecast analysis for the Voyager coin (VGX) has a positive outlook based on its trend lines.  Price prediction for VGX has been highly influenced by VGX’s price history since its launch. As a key component of the Voyager project, the token facilitates crypto trading by offering efficient trading solutions.

VGX’s success and price appreciation are extensively dependent on the success of the Voyager ecosystem. Voyager closed the merger with LGO in 2020 to create an AMF-regulated entity, allowing for direct control over Europe and compliance in all aspects of security precautions or marketing strategy.

Users and crypto enthusiasts who buy and hold the VGX token on the Voyager platform earn interest. Furthermore, Voyager investors pay nothing in commissions, which is a significant benefit compared to other cryptocurrency brokers. Users can also earn cashback rewards when holding the cryptocurrency on the Voyager platform.

When deep-diving into Voyager coin’s future value predictions price predictions, it is important to first understand what makes it unique.

What is the Voyager token?

The Voyager Foundation launched its mobile application platform in 2019 and has since sought the dream of aggregating crypto trading and making it feel like the conventional online brokerages.

The platform is user-oriented, providing users with the optimal price possible in the cryptocurrency market. Voyager utilizes a sophisticated technology known as Smart order routing – which allows it to sort prices in several online crypto exchange platforms. A Smart Order Router (SOR) scans the markets and finds the best place to execute a customer’s order based on price and liquidity.

The robust utility of the platform appears to guarantee the growth of the Voyager token and therefore impacting VGX price. The platform offers the most desirable prices possible collected from a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Also, the Voyager platform allows investors to assess liquidity levels and spreads between bid and ask prices on different exchange platforms.

Essentially, the Voyager platform facilitates efficient trading with automated trading systems enabled by the previously mentioned Smart order routing technology.

Seemingly, there is an impressive utility for the Voyager platform, which tends to spark an increasing demand for the Voyager token.

There are several reasons to believe that the Voyager token will continue to experience an upward price movement over the years; however, we need to analyze historical VGX price data to establish an accurate forecast.

Voyager Overview 

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Voyager coin price history and technical analysis

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Image Courtesy of CoinMarket Cap

The Voyager token is presently trading at $3.6, which has remained relatively the same over the last 24 hours. The token has a stable trend that continues to gain bullish momentum slowly.

Data from its price chart indicates that the VGX token price will assume a bullish momentum owing to its relatively solid support levels on the price charts.

The token enjoyed an impressive bull run four years ago, recording an all-time high price of $10.00. The ATH was recorded about four years ago, on January 05th, 2018.

Similarly, the crypto traded at an all-time low price of $0.01699 on December 26th, 2019 – about two years ago; ever since the Voyager token has been appreciating slowly to its current price.

Voyager Coin (VGX) Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 2

Source: TradingView

The VGX token has a Return On Investment (ROI) of 5112.45%, which is impressive. The recent price of the Voyager token shows a 63.82% decrease from its ATH and a 21189.27% increase from its all-time low price.

According to CoinMarketCap, the latest circulating supply of the VGX crypto is 278,482,214 VGX. It also has a maximum supply of 279,387,971 VGX and a Total supply of 278,482,214 VGX.

With a market cap of nearly $1,007,380,095.61, the Voyager token is ranked at #89 on CoinMarketCap, with a market dominance of 0.04%. In the past 24 hours of trading, the Voyager token VGX has traded a volume of 17,005,471.28 USD.

Pros and Cons of investing in Voyager coin

The Voyager coin shows a solid bullish sentiment across the cryptocurrency market, and most investors anticipate the continued growth of the token to continue.

Based on our analysis, many investors feel the VGX price is below its market valuation, and therefore, many investors can make significant profits when they buy and hold VGX tokens.

However, these speculations are based on quantifiable risks and variables. We cannot entirely rule out the impact of unforeseeable variables that could impact the future price of the Voyager token. 

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the Voyager token.

Pros of investing in Voyager coin

  • The Voyager foundation is committed to improving the experiences of cryptocurrency traders by offering more efficient services; this project appears to have all qualities of a yet-to-be successful platform, therefore, backing the ecosystem by purchasing and holding VGX tokens can prove to be a profitable investment for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Additionally, the toke appears to be underpriced, considering the Voyager token price today. Therefore, crypto enthusiasts can take advantage and buy Voyager tokens when the price is still low to realize greater returns on investment.
  • The current voyager token price indicates that the token will soon enjoy a solid bullish trend; the analysis of the price charts depicts a solid upward momentum that will eventually increase the Voyager token’s price.

Cons of investing in Voyager coin

  • Investing in nascent technologies is always an added risk. Blockchain technology itself is considered a risky investment. Investing in cryptocurrencies native to budding blockchain projects can be risky.
  • Voyager token price predictions are based on available data. However, cryptocurrency prices are often affected by prevailing news, regulations, and other factors that are more challenging to incorporate in a future price prediction analysis.

Voyager price predictions in 2021

The Voyager token provides a long-term earning potential on investments that focus on the future. The Voyager digital token crypto has undergone price changes to establish itself as a good investment for the future.

Considering the resistance level and support levels on the trend lines, it is evident that the Voyager token cryptocurrency can continue to rally even higher and set new ATHs in the future.

In 2021, minimal action was expected on the price charts of the Voyager token price. In essence, many investors holding the VGX token were expected to keep holding, with very few holders opting to sell the Voyager token.

Due to the relative inactivity on the charts, there were minimal changes expected regarding the price of Voyager cryptocurrency in 2021.

Considering the available information from fundamental analysis, the VGX price forecast for 2021 indicated minimal changes.

When comparing the value to the anticipated price of the token by the end of the year, there appeared to be minimal differences, revealing that the token price was expected to exhibit extremely low volatility towards the end of the year.

Voyager token price prediction from Wallet Investor

Voyager Coin (VGX) Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 3

Wallet investors often employ a careful combination of technical indicators to perform technical analysis on a cryptocurrency’s price. The recent price predictions for the Voyager token indicate a strong bullish trend.

Voyager Coin (VGX) Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 4

Image Courtesy of Wallet Investor

Essentially, Wallet Investor’s price forecast for the Voyager token price shows that the token price could increase by nearly 100% within a one-year estimate.

WalletInvestor data indicated that the maximum expected price for Voyager token by December 2021 was $7.784. Similarly, the minimum expected price for the crypto assets is $4.724.

The average price of the Voyager token by the end of December 2021 was expected to be $6.249. Whereas the actual price of Voyager taken on December 30 2021 was around $3.

Is VGX a Safe Investment?

The future of VGX appears to be a relatively safe be when factoring in the predicted success of Voyager digital.

Additionally, the speculated low volatility of the token during the last few months of 2021 indicates a relatively stable price showing a weak bullish trend over the next few months.

Therefore, the Voyager token price predictions are only for informational purposes, indicating that the Voyager token price forecast is bullish.

Investors are encouraged to research the token before investing, despite its massive potential to offer higher returns. Additionally, it is essential to follow up on the progress of the Voyager platform itself to ensure the ecosystem remains on course.

Below are some more detailed Voyager token price forecasts for subsequent years.

Voyager coin price forecast for 2022

The price of Voyager token for 2022 remains bullish and indicates an upward trend. Based on the available data, the Voyager token is expected to trade at a minimum price of $5.42 and a maximum price of $7. The average value of the Voyager token is expected to be $6.86 in January of 2022.

Voyager token price forecast for 2023

Price prediction for Voyager token in 2023 based on the forecast system indicates that the cryptocurrency will decrease in value. The highest price of the token by mid-year is projected to be 8.84 USD, while the lowest price of the token by mid-year is expected to be 6.28 USD.

These figures show a huge appreciation from today’s price; however, the token is expected to record positive percentage changes towards the end of the year.

By December 2023, the Voyager token is expected to trade at a maximum price of 8.61 USD with huge trading volume.

Voyager coin price prediction for 2024

Based on the forecast system, the price prediction for the Voyager token in 2024 indicates that the cryptocurrency will decrease in value. The highest price of the token by mid-year is projected to be 10.78 USD, while the lowest price by mid-year is expected to be 7.52 USD.


VGX investors need to consider various factors before they decide to trade cryptocurrencies like VGX. The price predictions of the VGX token indicate that the cryptocurrency will continue to test new resistance levels and eventually break out and form new all-time highs.

Although other forecasts indicate a relatively bullish trend, there is a considerable difference in the projected growth rate. Short-term investors and long-term investors can make a good return from the anticipated rise of the VGX token.

However, banking on the impressive utility of the Voyager platform with its brokerage ecosystem brings efficiency to crypto traders. The success of the Voyager ecosystem will massively impact the growth of the Voyager token.

FAQs about Voyager

Below are some frequently asked questions from VGX investors.

Is VGX a safe investment in 2022?

Investing in VGX requires a cryptocurrency enthusiast to have a significant risk appetite. The asset price is projected to increase over the years, and the rise in the price of VGX will undoubtedly prove profitable for investors.

In 2021, minimal price movements were expected for the cryptocurrency’s price; however, with careful trading, the asset is expected to be profitable in 2022 and years beyond.

Steps to buying VGX

Voyager cryptocurrency can be bought on several crypto exchanges across the internet. Today, you need to create an account with one of the many exchange platforms to trade the Voyager tokens.

Once you have a brokerage account, either centralized or decentralized, you can start trading cryptocurrencies like Voyager token, BTC asset, and Binance coin.

Where can I buy VGX outside of the US?

The best place to purchase VGX outside of the US is Binance which enables you to purchase the coin from anywhere in the world. Other benefits include their low and sometimes nonexistent fees, user anonymity, and their longstanding reputation within the crypto space.

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Where can I buy VGX in the US?

The Voyager token can be found on exchange platforms such as Bitvavo, which has no minimum deposit and operating commissions are below the market average which massively improves your chances of making a profit. Registration and verification can also be done in a matter of minutes.

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Is VGX profitable for short-term investors?

Short-term investors may profit from VGX token price movements if the predicted price moves upwards. However, sometimes, the volatility within the cryptocurrency market disorients the projected price movements.

Usually, short-term investors depend highly on the trend charts and the analysis derived from chart analysis. With careful consideration of the price movements and information from technical indicators, it is possible for short-term investors, traders, and scalpers to profit from the price of VGX.

Should I buy and hold VGX for the long term?

Several price predictions of the VGX token indicate the token is bullish for the long term. However, you should do your own research on the Voyager analysis for the past few days to months via historical data.

The projects indicate a solid bullish trend that will benefit VGX holders in the long term. Voyager price prediction shows bold predictions for VGX that could see the VGX token price rise significantly by more than 100% within one year. However, this isn’t investment advice based on token analysis.

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